Emotional Health

Balance Your Emotional Health

Emotional distress is difficult for many people to understand. Negative emotions or mental health concerns are not physical and impossible to see. It is not as obvious as having a broken arm that can be healed by a doctor with a physical splint. Emotional distress can be difficult to pinpoint, and even harder to correct. Further, many people do not even realize why their emotions form the way they do. Emotions can be completely different from person to person, or from varying situations. The team at the Emotional Health Institute Inc. is here to help. We understand that emotional health can be difficult to understand, but is important to care for. Emotional health can impact every aspect of your day to day life and can even impact the way you feel physically. Radical Emotional health can not only help you gain peace, but it can help you conquer fears and phobias, and allow you to take on the world.

Emotions are centered around interoception. At its simplest form, interoception is the reason why we feel the way we do. Interoception is basically the sum of physical sensations that we are aware of, one way of another. When our subconscious mind recognizes a stimulus that "reminds" it of a previous danger, it is going to generate the physical sensations (interoception) that were felt at the moment of the original danger. Muscles, organs, tissues, hormones will be impacted. Interoception is the door that will allow you to reach the root cause of your recurrent emotional difficulties.

The team at the Emotional Health Institute is here to help you. We offer several options and classes for people to learn about their emotional responses and set out a plan to change their current automatic and painful emotional response. Understanding the mechanisms behind emotions, and the current formed patterns, can help you change the way you feel and react to certain situations. Not only can this be used in day to day life to release anxiety, but it can be used to help conquer fears and phobias too. We understand that emotional counseling is different for every person, and so we set out to treat each person like the individual he or she is. We will work with you one on one through emotional counseling so we can identify the exact emotional patterns and blockages that are causing you to react the way you do. Once identified we will resolve them with EmRes® You will we be able to unlock your true emotional potential, healing and improving your emotional health from the inside out. As stress will fade away, your immune system will also strengthen!