Retrain your Brain with the EmRes® Trainings

Emotions are a natural part of everyday life. They help drive the decisions we make, our personality, and the way we feel throughout the day. Many situations in life can help drive emotions, for better or for worse. Certain factors can make us happy, anxious, fearful, joyous, or sad. While most of these may seem like they come from the immediate situation presented to us, what scientists are starting to learn is that emotions may be a result of deep seeded reactions and connections through the body. At the Emotional Health Institute Inc, we seek to explore and release the original cause of recurrent emotional pain with EmRes, or Emotional Resolution. This practice is based on neuroscience discoveries that disruptive emotional patterns are constructed in the subconscious brain. EmRes is a practice commonly used by health professionals, educators, and parents to help identify emotional response patterns, and reroute the response in order to generate an emotional outcome that is congruent with our current reality.

EmRes specifically examines the response that has been learned and patterned over time, usually associated with a negative emotion or response, and sets out to change this. At its core, EmRes is focused on emotional healing. Emotional healing begins once our subconscious memory is attuned to our current reality. Emotional Health Institute Inc developed an understanding and several protocols allowing anyone to re-actualize an obsolete prediction from the subconscious brain. We have the ability to not only teach you how to do it on your own, but also give you the training to help teach others the way to a content emotional state.

Emotional wellness can be achieved through EmRes for a variety of common concerns such as stress, PTSD, anxiety, or fear. Emotional wellness is needed in order to live a healthy life. Emotional stress and emotional baggage can cause people to become stressed and fearful, hiding behind their fears. Nobody has to live this way. Emotional Resolution® can become a way of life, allowing to maintain an emotional state that is in direct relationship to what is actually happening in your life, vs. reacting from past wounds.