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Laurel Young


300 E. Hersey St. , Suite #2, Oregon 97520 United States




  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

About Laurel:

I am a certified mediator who can assist you in negotiating life’s challenges and opportunities. I have the knowledge and the skills to provide you with the “HOW TO” tools to meet life experiences with a new understanding that will create win-win relationships.


You can create a happier stress-free lifestyle moving forward instead of staying stuck in revolving thoughts, habits and behaviors that bring constant conflict within yourself as well as with others.


I am skilled at remaining present without judgment and opinions. By actively listening and asking questions to clarify your intent, I can "reframe" what I heard you say. This will bring greater understanding to resolve confusion and conflict to any issue and build better relationships. Incorporating "Emotional Resolution" into traditional mediation protocols allows for "transformational mediation" outcomes.


"Emotional Resolution" by itself will create immediate freedom from unwanted emotional triggers that show up in everyday life. I can facilitate the removal of debilitating emotions such as fear, shame, anger, and guilt as well as resolve traumas, behavioral patterns and emotional blocks. I can also teach you to resolve these at the moment they happen on your own in about 1 minute. It's just that easy.


Investing in changing your life today means your tomorrow can be different.

Call for a free 20-minute consultation and I will tell you if I can help.

We can meet in person, on the phone or on the Internet.

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San Francisco, CA.

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