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The Emotional Health Institute (E.H.I.) is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c3), founded in 2019 by Cedric Bertelli, focusing on emotional health.

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Meet the Practitioners

Marcie Denton





  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Self Emotional Resolution Facilitator

About Marcie:

  • Her goal as founder and President of MMD Wellness Group, LLC, is to improve lives through  wellness technologies and techniques.

  • Her specific expertise is in using Emotional Resolution to support client efforts to resolve their disruptive emotional patterns and long-lasting traumas. 

  • Her goal is to provide education and support so that individuals can resolve issues on their own, a powerful way to reduce stress and live with increased capacity to handle life’s issues as they surface.

  • Education and Experience

  • Marcie Denton is a Certified Emotional Resolution Provider and a Certified  Light Therapy Instructor, Advanced CLRT Practitioner and a Photobiomodulation practitioner, science educator, researcher, and light therapy coach and author. .

  • She has expanded her light therapy involvement in Kerrville, and San Antonio, Texas to include Emotional Resolution with one on one sessions as well as group instructions. 

    • She completed the national Light Therapy Certification in December 2014,  her Instructor Certification in 2015. She completed her Emotional Resolution training and certification in 2019.