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Meet the Practitioners

EMRES Practitioner

Michael Lydon, MSW

Ipswich, MA, United States




  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • EmRes Applied to the Body

About Michael:
Michael uses EmRes to help clients fluidly resolve difficult emotions and emotional triggers, while working to also uncover and resolve the underlying mental models and early emotional learnings that keep these challenging emotional patterns in place. Michael’s work consists of 1:1 sessions as well as classes, which combine: EmRes, body-focused meditation, subtle energy attunements and clearings, and therapy-informed coaching. Michael specializes in helping clients rapidly uncover, integrate, and transform trauma-based patterns at the root, so that they can move forward with greater ease in pursuing their life goals, relationships, and connection with the ground of their own being. Specializations: Resolving somatic and emotional imprints from trauma, helping clients feel safe and present in their bodies, helping clients connect to an unwounded dimension of their own being that can be felt in the core of the body (Self, Buddha Nature, the divine ground of being, etc), and helping clients resolve symptoms such as subtle energy blocks and other subtle energy issues (kundalini syndrome, etc).

In the words of Patti Levin, retired trauma therapist and administrator for a 1100+ member meditation community: “Michael is a gift! As a retired psychologist, having specialized in trauma for over 40 years, and now running a meditation community of over 1100 people from all over the world, I am delighted to have Michael as my go-to referral. He is extraordinarily accomplished in breadth and depth, not only in trauma-informed meditation coaching, but also in a wide range of psycho-spiritual issues. I’m happy to provide a personal reference to anyone at any time.” – Patti Levin / LICSW, PsyD

Michael holds a Masters degree in Social Work and has completed advanced trainings in Emotional Resolution, the Realization Process (body-focused, trauma-informed nondual meditation for transformative well-being and healing), and Coherence Therapy (experiential evidence-informed psychotherapy based in therapeutic memory reconsolidation research).

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