Meet the Practitioners

Pierre Thiault


Atlanta, GA, United States


French, English


  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Self Emotional Resolution Facilitator

About Pierre:

Pierre Thiault has always been passionate about human behavior.  As early as age 16, he was studying graphology to better understand himself and the impact changing one’s handwriting would have on behavior.  After earning a bachelor's degree in France in Business Management, and an MBA in the USA, he started his business specializing in large events presentations at a time when multimedia was in its infancy, before PowerPoint!  Later on, he led a team to create an A.I. powered simulator for leadership and interpersonal skills training - and also designed the body language system for the simulator.  During this time he was trained as a spiritual counselor and began more directly devoting time to helping others to improve their lives.  In 2018, Pierre discovered the EMRES method of emotional resolution from France. After being astounded with the profound positive impact this method had on his life and on the lives of the people he helped, Pierre got certified and started the movement which teaches a variant of the EMRES method.

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San Francisco, CA.

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