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Sue Siebens


12880 Hillcrest Rd Dallas, TX United States




  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Self Emotional Resolution Facilitator

  • Resolution of Physical Symptoms and unwanted Behaviors Specialist

About Sue:

Sue believes that living your best life is everyone’s birthright. She helps people live up to their full potential and happiness by assisting them to remove disturbing emotions, large and small. It’s not about controlling or coping skills that temporarily set aside emotions to come back at a later time. It’s about getting rid of the triggers that keep emotions in play. It’s about having more mental capacity and space to handle anything that comes your way with confidence and grace. Without the fog of emotions clouding the mind and limiting focus, we have more options. We end up happier with life no matter what comes our way.

Sue works both on the phone and in her clinic in Dallas, Tx.

“I am continually delighted and amazed at how Emotional Resolution can relax our human experience. As we uninstall the buttons that trigger over-the-top emotional expression in specific situations, our whole world becomes a much more comfortable place to be; we move through our lives with greater ease and joy. It’s wonderful!” – Sue Siebens

Sue has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Iowa State University and is certified in Advanced Emotional Resolution (EmRes), bodywork (Massage and Bowen Therapy) and advanced energy techniques (Reiki, Quantum Touch, Crystal healing, Shamanic practices) to accelerate and enhance transformation, healing, and manifestation.

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