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Thomas Kuster





● Certified EmRes Practitioner

I am committed to people getting what they long for. And what most people say they want is pure, heartfelt love. A healthy relationship is one access to fulfilling that. I work with individuals and couples to achieve what they "really" want.

Often there are emotional challenges that exist within a couple. You and your partner are not at the effect of your emotions, regardless of their intensity. I will work with your natural ability to resolve them permanently. Once resolved, the stressful emotion or trigger will not return. Your relationship is given fertile ground on which to grow and expand.

Over the years I have developed a systematic approach called, The Heart Path, it offers a unique point of view that has helped hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals see new possibilities for their relationships.

I started my coaching career in 1995. I have designed and produced more than 25 classroom series for training and development. The Seven Stages Of Love, The Next Best Version of Yourself, The Seven Stages Of Self Expression, Breathtaking Relationships, Developing Your Core Competencies, The Emotional Body, The Theme of Your Life, The 30-Day Lovers Challenge, and The Date Night Project, naming a few. My original series that still lives within all the work I do I call Partners For Life, partners committed to life versus a life sentence.

I have trained inside the work of Peter K. Gerlach - Parts and The Internal Family, Patricia McDade - Consulting Alliance, and is certified through the HEARTMATH Institute, the Awakening Coaching Alliance, and The Emotional Health Institute.

San Francisco, CA.

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