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Meet the Practitioners

EMRES Practitioner

Jamie Pelaez


Portland, OR




  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Resolution of Physical Symptoms, Unwanted Behaviors, Complex Trauma

About Jamie:

Jamie is a warm and grounded practitioner who is passionate about helping you use your body’s innate ability to integrate trauma and resolve emotional difficulties and unwanted behaviors that aren’t serving you.

In addition to EmRes, she empowers women, primarily mothers to explore the areas of life that are out of balance and need attention. As an Integrative Wellness Coach, she’ll incorporate Emotional Resolution, meaningful self-care, and connection to bring balance back into your life and help you achieve your heart-centered goals.

Jamie conducts sessions via Zoom with clients all over the world. She also has an office for clients located in Portland, OR. Each client is offered a free 30-minute consultation via Jamie’s website, Somatic Self Healers.

Certified EmRes Practitioner | Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach | Certified Nia Somatic-Movement Instructor

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