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Training for Children

Teaching children how to resolve their emotional difficulties

It is our goal at the Emotional Health Institute to provide children with the knowledge and awareness necessary to resolve their emotional difficulties. 

The earlier they learn how to take responsibility for their own stresses and how to resolve them, the better it is for them.

Imagine the potential of a fearless child:

No anxiety, no fear of the dark or public speaking, no stress before or during exams, no inhibitions when playing a sport or performing in front of an audience...

Didn’t we all dream to feel that way?

Or to offer this unbelievable gift to our children?

It is possible!

Most of us are still managing emotional difficulties that started when we were much, much younger.

Gift your children with the opportunity to be at peace and at ease!

These trainings are available on one-on-one; either in person, or Via Skype. They are also conducted in a group environment in person.

They are short and interactive to keep the child's focus during the whole class.

  • For children between 7 and 11 years old.

  • Training led by Certified Instructor, Lisa Spendov.

  • The Training is in three parts: 45min+30min+30min with one week in between each part.

  • Price: $200.00

Girl flying a kite: Provide children with the knowledge and awareness that they can resolve their emotional difficulties
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