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Woke and Wired
A great interview with Ksenia Avdulova, in the Woke and Wired show. Woke and Wired is opening up a new conversation about expanded consciousness and digital entrepreneurship.
The Whole Health Cure
In this conversation with Dr. Sharon Bergquist, Rollins Distinguished Clinician in the division of general medicine and geriatrics at Emory University, Cedric talks about the physiology of emotional resolution as a technic of working through trauma, conceptualizing emotions, conscious and subconscious, and which of those defines our identity and triggers our reactions.
The Optimal Life with Nate Haber
An Inspiring conversation with Nate Haber!
Adventures in Health
Life is more pleasing when you are at ease with your emotions. Host Sean Entin and guest Cedric Bertelli, the Founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute, talk the importance of understanding emotional intelligence in order to help you resolve your own emotions.
Practice of the Practice - Joe Sanok
Is your ideal client someone who has been through a trauma and is struggling to transform the negative emotional patterns that have been created? Are you aware of the concept of emotional resolution?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Cedric Bertelli about how the brain can make wrong predictions and how to change this.
Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos
You Can Heal. How About Now?
Graceful Healing, Maureen Lake
As a former special education teacher, I found this interview with Cedric to be profound. Every teacher who works with children needs to fully understand how our thoughts rule our emotions. And how we teach these techniques to overcome difficulties such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, anger, and grief are desperately needed. Often, especially children, don’t understand that emotions don’t make much sense.
The Healing Place - Teri Wellbrock
Teri’s vision for the Healing Place Podcast is one of hope and healing. Her mission is to help listeners connect with guests on a heart and soul level. As both producer and host, she conducts the interviews as a conversation between friends, filled with informative discussions, laughter, and guidance for listeners. These on-air conversations are abounding with inspiring people living motivational experiences.
Holistically Healing Stacie Younger
I had so much fun interviewing Cedric. He is the founder and director of Emotional Resolutions. He shares his anxiety story and so much valuable information on our emotions and our emotional patterns. We talk a lot about humans were not designed to have anxiety and how anxiety doesn't have to be a normal!
Small Changes, Big Shifts.
On this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts Podcast with your host, Dr. Michelle Robin, Cedric Bertelli shares about Emotional Resolution, the theories behind EmRes and emotional resilience.
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