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EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy

The experience of pregnancy also brings with it the opportunity to heal. 

Journey through pregnancy more peacefully using
Emotional Resolution®


We believe that pregnancy is a time of significant growth for both you and your baby,
beyond just the physical expression. It’s a time where your deepest fears and vulnerabilities
are brought to the surface, where your body is stretched to capacity, where your life and
those of your family are changed forever, and where a brand new being takes form, grows,
and emerges into the world.

The experience of pregnancy also brings with it the opportunity to heal.

EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy is designed to provide you individualized support to allow you
to experience your pregnancy in a more calm, peaceful way through resolving both
conscious and hidden emotions. This program also allows you to meet and connect with
your baby so you can already feel that bond, even before your baby is born.

About the Program:

Within our program, we offer three distinct services:

EmRes sessions for supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing during your pregnancy.

EmRes Bonding Experience sessions for facilitating a deep connection between you and your baby.

EmRes Birth Preparation sessions for reducing fears and other distressing emotions around birth as well as preparing you and your baby for your baby’s birthing day.




Is this program for me?


This program is for you If you are currently pregnant and have experienced any discomfort
or difficult emotions (fears, anxieties, anger, apathy, resentment, sadness, etc) around any
of the following:

  • Giving birth

  • Body image during pregnancy

  • Relationship changes with your
    partner or other family members
    since becoming pregnant


  • Becoming a parent or bringing
    another child into the family


  • Family dynamics with multiple

  • Health and development of your


  • Experiencing physical discomfort
    and/or other pregnancy


  • Feeling disconnected from your


  • Pregnancy complications

This list is not an exhaustive list, so please take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a
free consultation!
(See contact information below). This will give us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and allow us to get to know you and your unique situation.

Pregnancy is truly a deep, profound, and spiritual process. We would be honored to
support you on your journey.

Is this the only prenatal support I need?

This program is designed to complement any form of prenatal care. We always encourage
each client to build their team of people to support them through their pregnancy. This process won’t interfere with any other support you may receive from therapists and counselors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, midwives, doulas, OB doctors, etc. In fact, many people have the experience that using EmRes approaches enhances outcomes they receive from other modalities.


Each EmRes Practitioner brings their own individual techniques and approach to this program, so read below to learn more!

About Us:


Heather has three children ages 12 to 20. Through experiencing her own childbirth and raising children, she became very connected with other mothers. She spent about 8 years as a La Leche League Leader helping others along their breastfeeding journey, many right after their own birthing experiences.

Heather Rutkowski, CBP,

Certified EmRes Practitioner

Although Heather had her children at home, she enjoys working with parents that plan all different types of birth. She strongly believes that the decision is up to each individual person on what feels the most comfortable to them. She believes that by relieving extra stress around pregnancy this allows a deeper connection to the pregnancy and your baby, and this is why EmRes Peaceful Pregnancy is so very important. Heather has worked with parents that have planned homebirth, using birthing centers, hospital births, along with those experiencing emergency births.

Emotional Resolution has become a passion for Heather. She has had her own calming and
healing from using it, and she has seen many improvements with her clients. She enjoys working with clients and watching as they find their own healing path. She has been practicing since 2018 and certified since 2019. Heather is trained in Advanced EmRes, having taken Teaching Self-EmRes, EmRes for Children, and EmRes Applied to the Body for chronic ailments, physical conditions, and addictions. She is also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and has taken advanced courses in Meditation and has led groups in guided

To contact Heather click here.



Andrea List, CBP,
Certified EmRes Practitioner, OTR/L

Hello! My name is Andrea List - Occupational Therapist, EmRes Practitioner, BodyTalk Practitioner, and mother of two. Before I talk about my approach, I want to share how I view my role as part of your support team during your pregnancy. My role is to remind you of your power. The power you have to create AND bring life into this world. You are powerful. You are divine. You are intuitive.

Based on this, my approach is focused on empowerment. Yes, the sessions we will do together will be transformative, but they are really there to help connect you to your inner healing wisdom and build up your confidence in your intuition as you connect and bond with your baby.

By the time your baby arrives, I want you to feel confident in your ability to heal yourself and feel the intuitive connection between you and your child - that connection that will support you and your child throughout your child’s life. That is why I include additional practices that you can do daily to help you begin to embody and embrace your healing and intuitive power.


Head on over to my website: to learn more


Looking forward to hearing how I might be able to best support you and your little one ~ Andrea

To contact Andrea:

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