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EmRes for Educators

“I have had the opportunity to utilize what I have learned during the training with a few teachers/adults and some kids.

My favorite quote from a kid, “Why do I suddenly feel so okay? What just happened here???”

A Teacher

EmRes for Educators

“During a science investigation one of my students became extremely frustrated because he couldn’t identify his snail in a terrarium. He approached me for help and as his words tumbled out I saw his eyes filling with tears. I asked to place his hand on where he was feeling something in his body. We did the steps of EMRES. Within a moment he appeared clear headed and calm. We created a plan to solve his situation and he was able to resolve the issue and participated in the lesson fully!”

Classroom Volunteer

EmRes for Children

"While helping out in a 1st grade class, children were getting ready to start dancing as part of a classroom assignment. While watching them, I saw a little girl obviously very embarrassed and scared to dance with the group. I approached her and did an intervention with her (I learned this intervention at the "EMRES for Children" Course). After 10 seconds or so, she felt fine, joined the class and danced like nothing had happened. Since this one time, she is not feeling embarrassed to dance anymore!”

A Speech Therapist

EmRes for Educators

“I took the EMRES for Children’s course last year and it completely changed my perspective on emotional regulation with my students.  As a speech therapist I often work with students who experience difficulty with regulating their own emotions.  This can cause them to shut down and to be unavailable for learning. After taking the class I was able to use what I learned right away.  The process is fast, easy, and effective.


Now when I work with a student who is feeling blocked or frustrated, I spend less than a minute helping them to regulate, and then we get back to work. I noticed that once regulated, an emotional difficulty or a learning blockage is not coming back in the future.”

Matthieu Nollet

Emotional Resolution

"Emotional Resolution (EmRes) was my last resort. I felt imprisoned by my fear until I met Cedric and his knowledge of EmRes. Even though it was not easy to make these kinds of confessions as they are really private, I told him about my fear and some details about it. He certainly listened to me and I congratulate him for his sensitivity.

Since our meeting, Cedric gave me back the freedom I lost 20 years ago. The only regret I have today is that I wish I knew EmRes and Cedric before.
I would highly recommend Cedric as he is a very understanding therapist, and he basically just changed my life in a better way.

You can trust me, it’s worth it." 

Kelsey Harmon

Emotional Resolution

“Quite some time passed since our last EmRes session. I am totally changed and words can’t express the way I feel!! I am speechless. : ) Yesterday we even invited my husband’s parents and we spent a great day together.

I have warm feeling towards them – no feeling of anger or whatsoever. When I think of the past I have got the feeling as if there is no emotional attachment to the past experiences any more – Well in fact – I am not even interested in those long ago past stories.

You really saved the life of my family and I am sooo happy.


Finally, I could come to peace and have all my energy at my disposal again!! I should have met you many years earlier!!”


Emotional Resolution &
EmRes Applied to the body

“While beneficial for understanding, talk therapy (and many other therapies) was not changing anything. I was miserable and feeling hopeless that my anxieties and fears would, or could ever, change. I was living inside walls of fear and anxiety.Then someone told me about Emotional Resolution (EmRes).

I read everything I could find about it and thought “Well, this just seems way too good to be true.” After one 15 minute free phone consult with Cedric, I was ready to give it a try. It certainly couldn’t hurt. I’ve been working with Cedric for a little while now and though I’m not where I want to be (I’ve got a lot of stuff!), I know this works.

  • After just one session my anxiety level went from a very consistent 10 to a 4. I can not only cope, I can dare to hope!

  • I had a really terrible shoulder pain for well over a year that wasn’t going away even with physical therapy. I felt in my gut the pain was actually grief or despair. We did a session on despair. That pain is GONE.

  • I have had foot pain for many years due to a genetic hereditary neuromuscular disease. The session for the foot pain wasn’t exactly the emotional regulation session but it’s very similar modified for psychosomatic conditions. Given this is a hereditary genetic disease I thought no way this is going to work. To my true delight, after that one session my foot pain is 90% less than it was.


Cedric is kind and compassionate, patient and non-judgmental. He’s extremely supportive and it’s evident he loves what he does and truly wants to help people. He’s professional but accessible, gets right to business but has a great personality. EmRes is quite amazing and the best part, immediate relief while not having to relive or rehash past traumas. Skeptical? I was too. After close to 6 decades of emotional and physical pains, I no longer feel like a lost cause. I finally feel hope and can dare to dream.

Thank you Cedric!!"

Lucas A.

Emotional Resolution

"I was dealing with a lot of stress from college applications, school work, and an upcoming driving test for my license. I was feeling overwhelmed in life. After one EmRes session, my anxiety was gone. I was calm and relaxed during my driving test and passed with high scores. I am no longer overwhelmed with my college application process and school work. My mind is focused and clear!" 

Cindy Kennon

Emotional Resolution

"For years my driving anxiety was paralyzing! My heart would race, my chest would tighten, and I thought I would die! I could only drive during the daylight time on small roads and would drive miles out of my way to avoid certain routes. I would also have panic attacks as a passenger. After one EmRes Session, I gained control over something that had control over me for more than three years. Today, I drive when and where I want, relaxed and with confidence. Thank you Todd and Angela!

Maria Lopez

EmRes Applied to the body
Resolution of physical symptom

"For over a year I was compulsively secreting lots of saliva inside my mouth. It was interfering with my daily life and would even cause me real physical pain in my throat.  Also no matter what I did, I could not ease the secreting or get rid of it. I felt hopeless, embarrassed, and ashamed.
But, after beginning my work with Cedric I began to notice improvement right away.  After two sessions, my physical throat pain was practically gone and the secreting began to diminish.  I was better able to manage the secreting without much effort.  After a few more sessions my issue was resolved.  Through out the whole process Cedric was patient, sensitive, and encouraging!  He taught me that I could channel my own power to heal myself!  I am now free of the issue and the whole process was cost effective and timely".

Christina W.

EmRes for Parents

“I’m doing much better, with not feeling frustrated about my children’s behavior.

No matter what they do, I hardly ever feel frustrated anymore. And when I do occasionally, I regulate and the moment passes without incidence. Because I’m in better control of my emotions, it has made my son’s behavioral problems much less severe. When he refuses to do something, I just calmly inform him of the consequences and let him be. Usually he comes around within minutes!”

George M.

Emotional Resolution

"People have seen a big change in me. You’ve helped me so much... Now that I’m calm I can listen to [my family]... and I can remain calm. Ever since my coma I [had] been so agitated. It's been huge.” 


Emotional Resolution

"I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for Cedric and the work our family has done with emotional regulation. Cedric has helped us heal from trauma and PTSD.

Our family experienced an extended traumatic experience that lasted for over five years. The ongoing trauma threw each of us into crisis after crisis that ultimately resulted in PTSD. We were living in an emotional environment of panic, anxiety, fear, rage—all the emotions that developed as toxic defense mechanisms throughout the years of trauma. The sad reality is that because each of us had experienced such severe trauma, we would trigger one another when confronted with conflict or stressful situations instead of being able to love and support one another.

Through these crises, we started seeking help from over a dozen therapists, doctors, and psychiatrists for individual and family support. While the therapy and medication provided some small amount of relief, over time the process of rehashing conflict and re-living the trauma yielded poor results and became too exhausting, particularly for our youngest.

Thankfully, someone recommended Emotional regulation (EmRes).

The brilliant thing about this work is, unlike many types of therapy, there is no rumination about any trauma that happened in the past. The technique, which focuses on breaking the cycle of physiological response to a trigger or situation, is straightforward and easily grasped by kids. I initially brought our youngest in to Cedric, because with ADHD and having grown up through a tumultuous environment, our son had the severe difficulty with anxiety, impulse control, and emotional regulation. The results were immediate and so effective that we all started seeing Cedric.

The work that Cedric has done with each of us has allowed us to heal our triggers, move past the trauma, and begin living our lives fully again.

Thank you, Cedric, for bringing the EmRes Program to the USA, and thank you for all you do!"

Ann Langley

Emotional Resolution

"I had one Emotional Resolution (EmRes) session with Cedric for an issue that had been bothering me for several months. He was clear in his explanation of the process, I felt totally comfortable working with him, and I found immediate relief through the work we did. The issue, and the accompanying anxiety, feel totally resolved to this day. I have recommended the work to several people since my session and will absolutely continue to."

Karen Elizabeth

Emotional Resolution

"I’ve had a bridge phobia for over seven years. One session of Emotional Resolution (EmRes) made it so that I was able to drive over the bridge for the first time in years, without panicking. I’m very grateful and believe EmRes is a quick and effective way to treat debilitating anxiety, etc. Thank you!"

David Song

Emotional Resolution

“Simply put, Emotional Resolution (EmRes) has changed my life…


Because of its simple, yet effective sensory evoking technique, I was able to awaken to my true self through my physical body and live my life in the present moment.

Difficult initially, yet due to my desire for growing and the powerful and gentle teachings from a EmRes specialist, and by working with the Emotional Health Institute community, I have been able to resolve my past conditioning, and enjoy a much more fulfilled life.”

Megan Gallagher

Emotional Resolution

“I’ve explored and experienced a range of therapies and therapeutic modalities over the decades.  Some analytical, some somatic based.  While at first enquiry EmRes may be similar to certain other methods, upon experiencing it, I discovered it to be quite distinct as a technique and, furthermore, outstandingly effective for the specific ‘issues’ I have applied the EmRes technique to.


What has also impressed me tremendously is the fact that one is not left dependent upon visiting a EmRes specialist time and time again, but can be taught to use the technique ‘autonomously’…  it is a powerful tool for personal development and well-being.  I wish I had been able to learn it while in my youth… it is incredibly empowering.”

Kersten Sals

Emotional Resolution

“I feel like a new person. I have enjoyed the whole week so far since we last talked.I feel that comfortable so that I want to postpone our next session. Of course, there are some more feelings I’d like to resolve, however, at the moment I feel so fine that I just want to enjoy and relax :-)”

Amanda Sals

Emotional Resolution

“OMG you are my and Kerstin’s hero. She can’t stop gushing about how effective and life-changing your session with her was. I have so many more stories to share! She’s savoring every minute of her new-found freedom. I almost think we need to record her and document her life before and after EmRes. It’s so dramatic and so miraculous!”

San Francisco, CA.

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