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What is EmRes ?


Viscero-somatic Quieting

At the base of Emotional Resolution® or EmRes® is a precise process which we call Viscero-somatic quieting.
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Presentation on the Neuroscience behind EmRes:

Hand touching a wall. Emotional Resolution discover and remove the origin of physical sensations causing unwanted emotional responses

What is EmRes®?

Our body keeps somatic traces of all our traumatic experiences. When exposed to a stimulus that reminds the body of a past danger, the viscero-somatic memory linked to this danger is reactivated, creating the base of a disruptive emotional response

EmRes® helps the body recognize that the perceived danger is nowadays obsolete. EmRes® allows the body to integrate traumatic information and to tune-in to our current reality instead of reacting through a past memory.

To do this, we commit to experiencing the viscero-somatic response, without controlling our physical sensations or our environment.

How does EmRes® Work?
EmRes® connects you to the origin of a difficult emotion through your physical sensations and modulates the unwanted emotional response permanently. This simple yet rarely used physiologic capacity is innate to all human beings.

Our certified practitioners can apply EmRes® during a session or at the moment of an emotional resurfacing.

Where do these physical sensations come from?

From the current understanding of neuroscience, these sensations are predictions of the brain, based on past highly stressful experiences. In her theory of how emotions are constructed, Lisa Feldman Barrett explains that “in every waking moment, your brain uses past experience, organized as concepts, to guide your actions and give your sensations meaning. When the concepts involved are emotion concepts, your brain constructs instances of emotion.”

EmRes® allows the brain to update outdated predictions by consciously observing the obsolete interoceptive prediction from a safe, present-day perspective.

Inside a Wave -Following our physical sensations consciously allows us to resolve disruptive emotional patterns.

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