Meet the Trainers

Our Trainers

Our highly skilled Trainers are teaching professionals how to master EmRes® all around the World.
The classes can be taught in English, French, German or Spanish.

EHI Founders and Master Trainers

France and Belgium

Dr. Jacques Fumex
Aleth Naquet
Dr. Dominique Monette
Aline Bremand
Dr.Anne-Marie Piffaut
Cedric Bertelli

United States, Japan

Cedric Bertelli


Monika Wilke

EHI Trainers: United States Based Trainers

Languages: English and French

Our U.S.A. based trainers can teach EmRes® all around the World. They will travel to you, or teach via video conference.
They are also available to facilitate conferences on Emotional Resolution®.

Cedric Bertelli
Todd Adkins
Lisa Spendov
Angela Adkins

Founder and Master Trainer

EmRes Trainer

Trainer for Educators
Children & Parents

EmRes Trainer

San Francisco, CA.

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