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The Emotional Health Institute (E.H.I.) is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c3), focusing on emotional health.

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Social Ease in the World of Autism

Social Ease in the World of Autism is a guided audio program that gently helps you move past your blocks and feel ease and comfort in social settings; while teaching you the philosophy behind why this works.

This Course Includes:

  • 6 Lessons running about 15-30 minutes each

  • Worksheets for each session

  • 20-minute Visualization

  • Bonus Exercise

Cost: $97.00

The Emotional Health Institute is thrilled to share this powerful program crafted by one of our Certified Practitioners.

This course has been carefully designed by Eva Angvert Harren https://www.evaangvert.com, Certified EmRes Practitioner, Certified Integral Coach www.newventureswest.com, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner www.traumahealing.com.

Eva is the creator of the BEAM LIFE process, and longtime collaborator of the “Asperger Experts” https://www.aspergerexperts.com.

To learn more and purchase the program: