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Emotional Optimization Training

Personalized Course for Radical Emotional Wellbeing and Disruptive Habits Shifting.

Courses crafted for individuals, corporations, professional athletes and sportive teams.

The purpose of this course is to connect you to your own natural potential, which is uniformly exceptional. What stands between you and your core potential are your fears, insecurities, bad habits. When we consciously and honestly accept our difficulties, our weaknesses, our “bad habits”, we release them, move past them, transcend them, and achieve our potential. We are going to pragmatically teach you how to do this.​

  • This is a three month, in depth, program. The student will need to commit to the three months.

  • We will be working one-on-one.

  • Two one hour call per week, with unlimited access to me via email in between.

  • Specific homework.

  • Cost: $1500.00 per month for a Life changing, sustainable program.

  • A 30-Minute Conversation to Discuss your Emotional Health.
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