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Sat, Aug 31


On Zoom

EmRes Practice Groups: Cultivating the Art of EmRes

The Practice Groups help bridge the gap between classroom learning and real life application of EmRes on clients, as well as providing an opportunity for SELF CARE! The purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to practice giving, receiving, and observing sessions.

EmRes Practice Groups: Cultivating the Art of EmRes
EmRes Practice Groups: Cultivating the Art of EmRes

Time & Location

Aug 31, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM PDT

On Zoom


About the Event

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 899 6646 0865 Passcode: 105190

- In each session, there will be 1 Practitioner, 1 Client, and 1-2 observers. 

- Observers will actively participate by providing real time feedback of suggestions via the Zoom Chat feature. Observers will be actively participating by commenting during the session to offer alternative questions, suggest alternate phrasing, and also to take note of where the Practitioner provided guidance in a way that you did not think of and that helped you expand your EmRes practice. For EmRes Body practitioners, to help identify openings to metaphors/reifications and uses of other Doors. 

Common issues or areas of confusion provide Cedric with topics and case studies to discuss in subsequent Supervisions. 

The goals of the group are many: To improve our ability to create a safe, healing environment during a session by To increase our repertoire of questions to ask to further guide our clients into uncovering hidden emotions. 

To improve our ability to pick up on the subtle cues our clients show us when they are deviating from the EmRes process so that we can successfully guide them back to reconnecting to their body sensations. 

To improve our ability to pick up on cues where a sensation can become the entry into a metaphor/reification to take them on a journey. To expand on ways to incorporate different techniques such as BaBa statements, spores, generalizing questions. The sessions and the real time feedback are not meant to define what is the right or wrong way to guide a client. The purpose is to expand our EmRes experience, find more potential areas of exploration in order to help you better tune in to yourself and your client and cultivate the art of guiding your client on their journey.

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