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Take the Stress out of News

By Sue Siebens

We are constantly bombarded with news of natural disasters, economic recession, cyber-attacks, mass shootings, political divides, global warming, and more. The constant influx of negative information through news feeds can evoke fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, exasperation, and distress. It's no wonder many people find themselves overwhelmed and emotionally drained by the news cycle, so they choose to avoid news and social media altogether.

While common techniques like deep breathing, meditation, exercise, or indulging in comfort foods may temporarily relieve overwhelming emotions, they do not address the root cause of the emotional distress. The next time we encounter distressing news, the feelings resurface, and we find ourselves caught in a cycle of negative emotions again.

But what if there was another way to approach the news? What if we could learn to process and release our emotional responses to the news healthily and constructively?

It's natural to question why we would want to rid ourselves of the emotional impact of the news. Don't we need to feel overwhelmed when we witness tragic events? How can we remain compassionate towards others' suffering and be motivated to take action if we become desensitized to the news?

Surprisingly, holding onto negative emotions triggered by the news can hinder our ability to be as compassionate and proactive as possible. When we are overwhelmed by stress and emotions, our cognitive functions are impaired, making it difficult to think clearly and take meaningful action.

Emotional Resolution (EmRes) offers a unique approach to releasing and resolving disturbing emotions while consuming news media. Through EmRes sessions or self-guided practices, individuals can learn to process their emotional responses in a healthy and efficient manner, allowing them to stay informed without being consumed by negative emotions.

By addressing and resolving the underlying emotional triggers, individuals can clear their minds of distracting emotions and create space for compassion, empathy, and proactive engagement with the world around them. EmRes is a simple yet powerful technique that can help individuals navigate the news cycle with clarity and calm.

Imagine staying informed about current events, engaging with your community, and taking action where needed, all while maintaining a sense of inner peace and emotional balance. EmRes empowers individuals to transform their relationship with the news, enabling them to respond to world events with compassion and clarity.

In a world of constant noise and chaos, embracing a stress-free approach to consuming news can be liberating. By letting go of the emotional burden associated with distressing information, individuals can open themselves to a more profound sense of connection, understanding, and empathy toward others.

So, are you ready to experience stress-free news consumption? Take the first step towards emotional resolution and book an EmRes consultation or session today.

Discover how this transformative technique can help you reclaim your emotional well-being and engage with the world from a place of strength and compassion.

Embrace a new way of interacting with the news—one that empowers you to stay informed, connected, and compassionate without being overwhelmed by negativity. Let go of the stress and fear the news cycle often brings and step into a space of emotional resilience and empowerment. The choice is yours—are you ready to make a change?


Photo by Leonid Privalov on Unsplash

About Sue

Sue Siebens uses Emotional Resolution, EmRes, to work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear, and pain can be accessed and resolved. Sue teaches and writes to raise awareness about this new technology so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life. Sue is based in Ft Worth, Tx, USA.




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