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Welcome to your Self-EmRes Class

We are glad you decided to take advantage of our Gift!

In this video you will learn how the brain constructs disruptive emotional responses and how to permanently release them.

The unique situation that we are currently living, is unveiling hidden anxiety and fear and exacerbating old ones. Let's use this strange time as an opportunity to resolve our fears, so we can respond to our actual reality instead of reacting out of fear!  Thanks to the work of scientists such as Lisa Barrett Feldman or Joseph LeDoux we now better understand how the brain constructs recurring emotional difficulties. From this understanding the Emotional Health Institute educates on how we can re-train our brain to resolve recurrent emotional difficulties. 
We call this method Emotional Resolution® or EmRes®.

This training is all about demystifying emotions and teaching you how to resolve your disruptive, painful or blocking emotions on your own. You will understand how the brain constructs emotional difficulties and how it can permanently release them... in just a few seconds. This complete training will impart participants with the concrete knowledge to permanently resolve emotional difficulties autonomously.
The Emotional Health Institute is a NonProfit Organization, your donations allow us to keep our work going!!


Now, Click Here to access your gift. Please enjoy and do not hesitate to contact us at with comments or questions.

Cedric Bertelli
Founder of the Emotional Health Institute.

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