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The Emotional Health Institute (E.H.I.) is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c3), founded in 2019 by Cedric Bertelli, focusing on emotional health.

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Professional Trainings

Professional Training for Emotional Resolution™

This program is a Revolution in Emotional Healing...

Email us at: contact@emotionalhealthinstitute.org for upcoming dates and questions.

The training provides the knowledge and experience required for you to guide people using their natural capacity to resolve their disruptive emotional patterns at anytime: when they are not triggered (you will learn to instantly, safely and gently get the body to re-trigger an emotion) and in the moment, when the person is actually experiencing an emotion they wish to resolve.

You WILL be able to resolve:

Anxiety, stress, anger, inhibitions, PTSD, irritability, depression, fears, phobias, and any other stressful emotional reaction.

The successful completion of this course is advised to help people resolving their emotions in a counseling/therapy setting.

This class is targeted primarily at healthcare and personal development professionals, but also at people holding mentoring position in their community.


The course applies innovative teaching methods to equip a small group of participants in a condensed amount of time with the skills and knowledge required to practice emotional resolution professionally.

Note: In order to be Certified, as a part of the learning process, you will need to do 5 Resolutions on yourself with Certified Practitioners, at the flat rate of $100.00 each.

Email us at: contact@emotionalhealthinstitute.org for upcoming dates and questions.

In this module we will lay the foundation for emotional resolution in delayed-time (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion). This module consists of some theory about emotional functioning, followed by actual sessions between participants.
You will be able to guide your first sessions after this module.
A part of this class is also dedicated to self-care.

Module 1

Learn to do sessions with clients


(includes the registration fee)

3 days In Person (in a group) 
10 sessions with clients

Understanding the difficulties encountered by the practitioner and coaching.
After your 10 first sessions, this will give you the understanding and boost necessary to continue your practice with confidence until the next level!
We will also spend some time resolving our own emotions.
Practice, practice, practice!

At this point you are going to really integrate the Resolution in your life.
Emotional Resolution will become a Hygiene of Life. 

Module 2

Understanding the difficulties encountered by the practitioner and coaching.


3 hours on Zoom (as a group) 
20 sessions with clients

Develop and master the process of helping other people resolve their difficult emotional patterns. A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 30 emotional resolutions on other people (with client notes for each session).
This module will be packed with case studies, based on the participants concrete experiences.
We will also learn how to identify subconscious fears in ourselves and how to guide clients to approach these same fears. 
Your understanding of the Emotional Resolution Process will highly improve after this module! 

Module 3

Understanding in depth and resolving any difficulties encountered.
Identifying subconscious fears.


2 days in person (in a group)  
30 sessions with clients

Through this personalized coaching session, we will deepen the understanding of the emotional resolution process. 
Answer any questions that the participant might have.
Explore and strengthen any weaker areas in the practice of emotional resolution.

If the Certification is not obtained at this point, your trainer will propose specific steps in order for you to be Certified.

Module 4



Two hours on 1-on-1 with your trainer via Zoom /Skype

Record and re-transcribe one session with a client + your comments (self-critic).


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