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EHI Logo - Furthering emotional well-being
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Furthering the emotional well-being of people around the World.

EHI Logo - Furthering emotional well-being

What is Viscero-somatic quieting?
Every emotion we feel is the result of a coalescence of physical sensations in our body. EmRes connects you to the physical sensations present in your body during a painful emotion and utilizes them to update obsolete emotional reactions.
If we take the time to experience a recurring difficult emotion through its sensations in a safe environment, without trying to understand it, control it, and without dwelling in it, we will give our body the space to accomplish a natural cycle of viscero-somatic quieting. At the end of this cycle, the "quieted" emotion will be resolved. More info

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The Emotional Health Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working with individuals and professionals all around the world. We provide information and education about Emotional Resolution®, or EmRes®, a modality predicated on the body's natural ability for viscero-somatic quieting.
This site gives you access to highly trained, certified professionals who can guide you to resolve disruptive emotional patterns. Here you will also find the complete list of courses and trainings we offer to individuals and professionals.

Few words about EmRes
EmRes aims to resolve recurring painful and debilitating emotions through Viscero-somatic quieting (also known as Somatic quieting).

Mammals have an innate capacity for emotional
resilience. We witness this phenomenon in wild
animals in their natural habitat--they do not hold on to trauma, they integrate their experiences somatically as soon as they reach a safe environment. This is in sharp contrast to humans, domestic animals, and even farm animals, who remain sensitive to various conscious or subconscious threats linked to an original trauma. 
EmRes is a body of work crafted to gently and safely guide individuals to reconnect with their intrinsic capacity for emotional resilience, enabling them to integrate and resolve hurtful or debilitating emotional reactions such as anxiety, anger, lack of self confidence, post-traumatic stress, etc. 
The goal of EmRes is to allow us to feel the emotions congruent with our current reality, rather than being overwhelmed by emotions from our past that are re-triggered by currently harmless stimuli.

EHI has taught thousands of adults how to resolve their emotional difficulties.

In the San Francisco Bay area alone, over 200 teachers were trained to use Emotional Resolution® with Children thanks to our collaboration with Dedication Special Education and the Marin County Office of Education.

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