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The Emotional Health Institute (E.H.I.) is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c3), founded in 2019 by Cedric Bertelli, focusing on emotional health.

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Furthering the emotional well-being of people around the World.

The Emotional Health Institute provides information about Emotional Resolution™, or EmRes™. It gives you access to the best trained professionals who can guide you to resolve disruptive emotional patterns, and to the complete list of our trainings.


The Emotional Health Institute is a non-profit organization using

innovative strategies to help people better their lives.

Global Partners

The EHI is an international collaboration between seven professionals: Doctors, Therapists, and Biologists, who are passionate about emotions. We operate out of the US, France, Germany, Belgium and teach all around the World.

How Can We Help?

Find a Certified Professional
Do you want to schedule a session with a certified professional to resolve one or several emotional patterns?
Are You A Professional?
Do you want to be trained in the Emotional Resolution Process to resolve difficult or blocking emotional patterns with your clients/patients/co-workers?
Emotional Bootcamp
Are you in the mindset to completely change your life by clearing a maximum of blocking emotional patterns and unproductive habits?
Are You A Parent or Educator?
Do you want to help your children or students (3 to 10 years old) to feel better emotionally?
Are you ready?
Do you want to get trained to resolve your difficult emotional patterns on your own?
Resolve A Chronic Symptom
Do you want to schedule a session with a certified professional to resolve a physical symptom such as eczema, chronic pains (etc.)?
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Training: Resolve Your Unwanted Emotions

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