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The EmRes Domino Effect

”I recently supported a client during an Emotional Resolution session who wanted to face her heaviness/dread about her student loan debt. We spent an hour exploring all the feelings that came up for her around the existence of this debt she's carried for over 20 years:

· feelings of shame

· feelings of unworthiness

· feelings of anger at the system

· feelings of fear of it never going away

After this session, she felt clear...and DONE. So clear in fact, that she started cleaning house in other areas of her life - putting boundaries with people she had previously not been able to, clearing up other areas of confusion/avoidance with money, speaking up for herself where she's been needing to.

All without reaction or charge. And all by addressing this one thing she's been avoiding. I love how EmRes creates a Domino Effect. --Stephanie Dawn Clark, EmRes Practitioner

Above is a post from one of my collegues, Stephanie Clark, and she is so right!

It is literally like we have a set of dominos called anger. The different “spots” on the dominos are the stimulus and circumstances that trigger that “version” of anger. The anger-dominos range from feeling very similar to each other to feeling very different. But because of how we are taught to label our emotions we call everything in the box anger. It’s how we label emotions that we experience. We group like feelings under similar emotion words. This is not good or bad—it is just how neurobiologists understand how emotions are made.

When you open up the emotion-domino set using Emotional Resolution®, EmRes®, you pick up one domino piece at a time and clear it. During the session you may explore more pieces in the anger-box, for instance, and work on pieces that come from other boxes like shame, unworthiness or fear. It’s an organic progression through the emotional situation and tension that you are trying to resolve in your life.

The EmRes Domino Effect is that each time you clear an emotional-domino, it may also knock down other dominos around it, from it’s own box or another box. They may have come from the same emotional injury-the high-stress event that created the trigger-able emotion (the domino) in the first place.

We don’t need to know what those original high-stress events were, when it was or who was involved. The emotional root reveals itself by being triggered in our current life. EmRes uses current triggered emotions and feelings to access it. And once we clear the root, buried emotions are resolved and will not be triggered again.

And down the dominos fall!

It’s like a force multiplier! Address emotional situations and related ones will come down too.

Are you ready to play EmRes Dominos?

Image by Дмитрий Филюшин from Pixabay

About Sue

Sue Siebens is an intuitive holistic healer based in Dallas, Texas. In her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamentallevel, where the roots of the illness, fear, and pain can be accessed and resolved. Sue teaches and writes to raise awareness about these new technologies so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life.

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