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Meet the Practitioners

EMRES Practitioner

Angela Adkins

972-922-9398 or 972-922-9572

2940 N O'Connor Rd Irving, TX 75062 USA




  • Emotional Resolution Trainer

  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Self Emotional Resolution Facilitator

  • Resolution of Physical Symptoms and Addictive Behaviors Specialist

About Angela:

Angela Adkins has over 23 years of experience in the field of holistic healing and personal empowerment processes. She has facilitated workshops for over 3,000 students in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and Germany. Angela works with individuals and families who seek optimal health and wellness. She is passionate about guiding people to understand and awaken their inborn power to heal. ” I am honored to offer the Emotional Resolution process to individuals and groups that are ready to take charge of their emotional behavior patterns and live a life of freedom, well-being and strength. I am continually amazed at the immediate and profound results!”


Angela is available for in-person and phone sessions in her Las Colinas office.

Angela Adkins AdvCBP, CBI, SrMSI

EmRes Client Success Stories:

Emotional Resolution Session – Amazing results in 30 minutes!

“Had my first EMRES session yesterday to deal with anxiety/panic attacks. It is simply astonishing that with a 30-minute phone call and a seemingly casual conversation, the problem simply disappeared! I had the opportunity to verify the results today and I’m still shaking my head and celebrating this new modality – it seems almost magical to get such great results in such a short time with little or no “drama” associated with many modalities. Thank You!” P.G.- Arlington, Texas


“Angela’s line of questioning led me to a subtle yet certain shift in an emotional block. It’s like we untied a belief system and the emotions associated, perhaps the trauma as well, in an instant. I just felt something fall away. Over the next few weeks I noticed the same trigger was no longer present. I remember thinking to myself, “Is that really done?” And months later, the trigger is still not there. It is simply gone. I am very grateful for the facilitation that Angela provided.” G.T.- Montana


“This process removes the most chronic issues in one’s life.” J.K- Texas

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