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Meet the Practitioners

EMRES Practitioner

Gayathri Shylesh



English, Hindi, Malayalam


  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • EmRes Applied to the Body

About Gayathri:
Gayathri is an advocate and proponent for Mind-Body health, holistic and integrative approaches and empowers others achieve their best life through health and wellness. She is a skilled and experienced bioenergetic holistic health practitioner who is trained in both Eastern (TCM and Ayurveda) and Western systems and approaches to

medicine. She works with clients of all ages across several countries with a variety of health and wellness concerns as well as in-utero / pre-natal health and those in palliative / hospice care.
She empowers her clients into mind-body awareness practices and helps them resolve stuck emotions which form the basis of many health imbalances.

She currently balances a full-time online-based client practice as well as her doctoral studies and research in Quantum Science through the University of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Gayathri and her husband Shylesh live part-year in the Pacific North- west region, Seattle, Washington in the United States and part year at their meditation retreat center in Kerala, India where they hold meditation retreats and workshops.

Formal Education:

- Bachelors in Information Systems
- MBA (Information Systems & Economics),
- Currently underway - Ph.D. Quantum Science

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