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Meet the Practitioners

EMRES Practitioner

Nancy DeRuwe


Medford, OR United States




  • Certified EmRes Practitioner

  • Self Emotional Resolution Facilitator

  • Resolution of Physical Symptoms and Addictive Behaviors Specialist

About Nancy:

Nancy was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska and lived and worked as an Educator in many Alaska towns and villages (including remote fly-in-only locations). Nancy was fortunate to be able to work with all age groups; from pre-school through adults and has travelled extensively throughout the United States and around the world. After retiring and moving to Oregon (to warm up), Nancy explored many avenues of personal and spiritual growth work and has found it to be very rewarding. It was through her own experience with 6 years of severe debilitating eye problems that she heard about Emotional Resolution and started to work with this process. She now has her eyes and her life back!


Nancy is professional, articulate, a good listener, as well as kindhearted and compassionate. She loves helping others and would love to work with you to regulate a difficult emotion that you’ve experienced and permanently resolve it. Call 509-592-3910 to schedule a free consultation and to make an appointment.

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