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Emotional Wellness

Reprogram Your Brain with EmRes Trainings

Emotions are a natural part of everyday life. They help drive the decisions we make, our personality, and the way we feel throughout the day. Many situations in life can help drive emotions, for better or for worse. Certain factors can make us happy, anxious, fearful, joyous, or sad. While most of these may seem like they come from the immediate situation presented to us, what scientists are starting to learn is that emotions may be a result of deep seeded reactions and connections through the body. At the Emotional Health Institute Inc, we seek to explore and explain the deeper understanding of EmRes, or emotional resolution. This practice is based on neuroscience discoveries that emotion is completely manufactured through all the body’s systems. This means that the physical connection from the muscles, bones, and brain waves work together to form an emotional response. EmRes is a practice commonly used by health professionals, educators, and parents to help identify emotional response patterns, and reroute the response in order to generate a positive emotional outcome.

EmRes specifically examines the response that has been learned and patterned over time, usually associated with a negative emotion or response, and sets out to change this. At its core, EmRes is focused on emotional healing. This means identifying the negative route the brain takes when faced with a certain situation or circumstance, and understanding the reason for the negative emotional response. Emotional healing can begin once the brain associates a different learned behavior or memory to associate with the circumstance or situation. This is a way for people to reroute their brains in order to create a positive emotional response. Learning to dig into the recesses of the brain, going back to a rooted negative experience, takes time and practice, but the team at the Emotional Health Institute Inc is here to help. We have the ability to not only teach you, but give you the training to help teach others, the way to a stable emotional state.

The various tools used to help include EmRes in your day to day life and emotional wellness can be used to combat several different mental health concerns and emotional issues. Emotional wellness can be achieved through EmRes for a variety of common concerns such as stress, anxiety, or fear. By identifying what in the past has created an anxious or fearful emotion to form in the body, patients and educators alike can work together to identify and reroute the emotional triggers found in the body. Emotional wellness is needed in order to live a healthy life. Emotional stress and emotional baggage can cause people to become stressed and fearful, hiding within their own mind and body. By rechanneling your emotional response to many different scenarios, you will be able to find emotional wellness and lead a calm and peaceful life. Emotional baggage can take a toll on people day in and day out. Finding a solution to emotional stress can take a weight off your shoulders, simply by working with the mind to channel and reroute negative emotions.

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