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Trauma Treatment

Fight Through Emotional Blockage and Trauma

For many people a fear or an anxiety is formed completely out of their control. This is because emotion is based on patterns formed in the past. For many people, something called an emotional blockage is formed in the body which prevents new emotions from forming. An emotional blockage is responsible for repeated emotions such as fear or anxiety when put in a certain situation. Sometimes, an emotional blockage may be a completely involuntary reaction, where the person is unaware that the body is even forming a blockage. Emotional blockages are also often linked to a specific traumatic event, which is where we can help.

At the Emotional Health Institute Inc we aim to help people overcome their trauma with trauma treatment. We understand that the first step in forming new emotional responses is being able to fight through old trauma. The trauma treatment will help patients first identify and recognize that an emotional blockage or repeated pattern is present. Then, with our trained professionals, we will give you the tools needed to be able to break free of this blockage. Our trauma treatment works to form new patterns and behaviors for your mind and body to rely on, which leads to newly formed positive emotions to typical anxiety or fear triggers.

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